Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Elijah and Tru get more and more into Halloween every year ... they are big enough now that I can't get away with picking out the costumes I want them to wear, they have to come and pick their own! I can still use my mom powers to get Tru to pick the one I want and have him think that it was all his idea but that doesn't work with Elijah! I did have to lay down the law becasue I wasn't going to have my 4 year old dressed like the devil or chuckie ..... so we managed to settle on this ghost looking thing :) Golden tried to get Elijah to lay down and get ketchup poured all over him and be Dr. Tru's patient but he would have none of it so I got stuck doing it!


Carving Pumpkins with little kids is always an experience! We all had fun though! I carved a scarcrow ... Elijah had a spider ... Tru had a happy face ... and we didn't end up carving Golden's pumpkin because he wanted to wait until we found a good Lakers pattern ... that didn't end up happeneing so he just had a regular old pumkin :)


It was a beautiful October here in Portland! Normally we would have rain all day everyday but it managed to stay clear and sunny all month long ... we even had quite a few days in the 70's. Elijah and Tru love to go on walks everyday so we made sure to get out alot because once the rain starts it won't stop and we won't be outside as much! This day we were out playing in all the leaves all over a neighborhood pretty close to ours ... the houses in that neighborhood have been around alot longer and have much bigger trees with many more leaves! I got the pictures in the wrong order but when we were on our way home Elijah got stung my a bee on the cheek ..... he started to cry out of nowhere and I had no clue why! He was holding his cheeck and I knelt down to see what the problem was and I saw the bee on the grond by his feet and I realized he had been stung :( I asked him if he was okay and through his tears he asked " Why did the bee sting me I didn't do nothing to it?" It was really funny but I tried not to laugh! I have always told him that if he messes with the bees they will get mad and sting him and if he leaves them alone they will leave him alone ... well this was not the case! He felt much better once his brother got a bandaide for him!


I don't know what it is with me and changing my hair but I just can't help it! It was starting to get long again so I went in and chopped about 7 or 8 inches off and got it dyed pretty dark ..... I actually think I like myself better as a blond ... that is probably why I was born that way ... but I do like the dark look for fall and winter :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Elijah and Tru in the corn maze

So Handsome :)

Golden - Trysta - Warren - Elijah - Tru

Ridin' Ponys

There were so many pumpkins I had to take a picture.


Mom n' Tru

Rope Wall

At the end of the slide

Petting the goat


We took a trip to the pumpkin patch this past weekend and we had a blast! There were so many things for the kids to do ..... picking pumpkins .. a big jumping house .. some little kid rides .. a hugs slide .. petting zoo .. pony rides .. and a corn maze! The kids can't wait to carve to huge pumpknis we got and to dress up and go trick or treating :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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Finally . . . . I have been meaning to set up a blog for such a long time and I have finally done it! Sorry it is kinda' lame right now but I will spend the next little bit trying to get it all figured out and add pics and stuff :)